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Anonymous asked:

Hey :) It's fine to express whatever opinions you want, but if that opinion is that you hate the thing/person, is it really necessary to put it in their tag? Sometimes negative opinions in tags is justified, such as if they've said/done something/are racist/sexist/etc or whatever, that's legitimate. Mindless bullshit ain't. Grazie :)







Christian fanatic and mass murderer Anders Breivik killed 77 people in the hopes of starting a modern-day crusade. Now serving a 21 year sentence in prison, he says his outdated video games amount to “serious torture”.


What else would you have them do? Not allow them to do anything recreational? murder people? Seriously, should they just have a bunch of people sitting in a cement box all day doing nothing. I am not agreeing with the piece of shit,. I think he is being a big piece of shit. But there is no problem with providing prisoners entertainment. We can’t just institute capital punishment - that is fucking barbaric. And we can’t leave them sitting all day doing nothing.

I don’t support capital punishment either, although if there ever was a case where I thought it was legitimate it would be here, and with people like him! But when you are too soft on criminals and treat them so well, when they don’t deserve it, these are the things they complain about! And 21 years!! Are you kidding me? That’s all he gets, he deserves at least life in prison for what he did and the continuing pain of the families of the 77 people he killed! That is real torture, and the fact that he is complaining about his version of the play station he gets to play with, shows how spoiled he is in prison!

Why not put prisoners to work? Save taxpayer money. Give prisoners productive outlet. Give prisoners sense of responsibility. Build up a society.

Thank you secretjewishatheist! That’s a point I’ve been trying to make in the past. I think prisoners should be put to work and I know there is a lot of debate against it and it’s very controversial and offensive to say this for some reason.

These are criminals, who are living a pretty comfortable life, without doing anything, that is wholly paid for by taxpayers, who are paying for their food, sleeping facilities, recreational activities, and everything.

In my opinion, it shouldn’t even be a question, they have to do work, because that is a tiny measure to take in order to pay taxpayers back. Not only that, but unlike contributing to a welfare system, we despise criminals and wish to have them removed from society. The part that really burns is, those families who he has tortured for life are indirectly paying for every service he receives, they pay for his meals, they pay for everything he gets to have and enjoy!

Putting criminals to work, is in no way slavery! I definitely think prisoners should work and especially if I was a family member of one of those poor children who he killed! In fact I can go a step further and say they should do the work that is not very much desired in society! 

It’s such a shame that we believe it is good to have a mass murderer like this piece of shit should just be relaxing in prison and have the tax dollars pay for his food, healthcare, video games, gym facilities, accommodations, and everything that so many hard working citizens are work so hard to have, some of which they cannot afford because of the high cost of living.

This illustrates well why plebs should not be allowed to administer justice.

To quote the Canadian Supreme Court,

“I do not accept the Crown counsel’s submission that there is a pressing need to streamline the process for labelling a small class of individuals as dangerous offenders […] A breach of an individual’s [Charter] rights cannot be justified or condoned in a free and democratic society because the class of affected individuals is small.”

A society that categorizes citizens into different buckets, and treats each bucket different, is cause for great concerns.

On a side note, with the rightly justified xenophobic backlash in Europe, which I blame on *cough*muslims*cough*romany*cough*, I think some people are happy with Mr. Breivik.

Budget 2014: Bitcoin, charities face scrutiny to prevent money laundering - Politics - CBC News

Mmm yes, bitcoin… ridiculous hipster invention, it should be outlawed now.

Charities, especially those sending “aid” to Africa, and anything funded by Islam affiliates, should be closely scrutinized.

Flipping Tables

My youth was… rather “rough”, at school for obvious reasons; and at home, with a clueless father still stuck in puberty, and a self-centered mother still stuck in puberty. The Italian grandmother next door raised me while parents were busy. She saw me alone at home, almost everyday, and one day as I was playing alone in the garden, she shoved a freshly picked cucumber through the fence. She said “mangia, mangia," I crunched into the cucumber, but there was a white film quite tannic over it and I grimaced. She laughed, took it back, wiped it clean, and gave it back to me. I think she realized the mean-spirited neighbourhood children had no intentions of playing with me, so she let me spend every day there… learning knitting, some Italian, making and eating bread, preparing vegetables, picking herbs, hanging and folding laundry, carrying her bags from the grocer and butcher… I even went to church with her, holding her purse, skipping ahead of her, asking her to catch me, hiding behind the rose bush, and then running back to grab her hand, warm and leathery, in which I placed a rose I had picked (more like stolen, now that I look back).

She got very sick, I don’t remember exactly of what affliction, but other hospital adults were at her house looking at me strangely, she said she was going away for a bit, and that she would be back when she’s done counting the stars. It is with mixed emotions that I declare, she never came back… I realize now how lucky I was to have met her!

My parents did come around eventually… I guess. At age 20 though… taking me to a Disney movie and buying me a balloon? They showed up at my graduation but won’t be able to tell you what I studied. They don’t understand what I do for a living, sometimes they remember where I work. My mother still asks me if I’m going to school tomorrow, and whether I need lunch or not. For many years now, especially with my mother, I have become Heathcliff after Catherine’s death.

Dinner with my mother tonight…  she started by equating skinny trousers to being gay, and then she pulled a Vladimir Putin. “We know you love boys, you don’t have to wear those skinny trousers to scream it to the world, people will think you are a pedophile.”

I was barely starting the bread.

"I look forward to the day you die," I said.

"You’re sober, no wonder you are so cranky," she said, "there’s a bottle coming, and it’s all yours if it will make you more sociable."

My father gets up and leaves, he knows what will happen.

I repeated, “The day you die is a day I throw a big party with a magnum sized Dom Perignon.”

"In a red dress?" she asked, bitchily. Red dress at a funeral is apparently something I say quite often, but that’s a Cher quote from Moonstruck.

"Yes, while I forget about your decomposing corpse at the budget old folks home," I responded.

A moment of silence passes, and I can see she is starting to cry. As I put my pride aside and I get ready to apologize, she suddenly flicks her head, stands up, and flips the table.

It didn’t really flip that well. So I flipped it over completely.

I don’t think we’ll be talking in a long, long time. I wish… I hadn’t flipped that table, but I don’t regret whatever I told my mother.

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